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We look closely: What will happen tomorrow?
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We're Versatile

We model your unique risk profile based on the threat landscape, instead of fitting in the “best practice”.

We're Professional

We guarantee our deliverables: on-time, on budget, and with the highest quality possible.

We're enthusiasts

We bring the unknown to light as a result of in-depth research in order to build a safer and more secure world.

We’re A Security Consulting Company.

Whether you require our involvement on a one off case or want to hire us on a long-term basis, we work diligently to deliver best-in-class support and service.

Global Risk Analysis

Our threat landscape research is a reliable way of ensuring that you maintains your finger on the pulse of today’s globalized, fast-paced and increasingly unsafe world.

Each of our services can be customised

Every industry and country has its own challenges and issues. Each client has its own rules and requirements. No issue is too big or small. We work diligently on every case we are assigned to uncover the answers and we have solutions to fit businesses of all sizes.

Offensive Security

Proactive security programs allow teams to recognize and even forecast threats, instead of simply responding to incidents.

Timely delivery

We’re help you prepare for the Future. And we know exactly how important it is to ensure the timely delivery of relevant expertise when it really matters.

Great Expertise & Tackling Complex Issues

That which is at rest is easily kept hold of; before a thing has given indications of its presence, it is easy to take measures against it; that which is brittle is easily broken; that which is very small is easily dispersed.
Action should be taken before a thing has made its appearance; order should be secured before disorder has begun.
Lao Tzu. Dao De Jing

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Future Threats

We must constantly preparing for what’s on the horizon.

When to peer into the future, you can see how count of threats is constantly growing. When it comes to risk response strategy, it is very important quickly assess their significance and not miss crucial details. An underestimated threat can cause serious damage or loss of reputation. Overrated threat can scatter attention and unnecessary cost.

threats score
  • 01- Post-COVID19 common crisis

  • 02- Hybrid warfare methods

  • 03- Deepfakes and Identity theft

  • 04- Private data breach from government contractors

  • 05- Govermental support for cybercrime

  • 06- Post-COVID19 democracy retreat

  • 07- Fraud at the junction of banks and fintech


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